Avoid Carbon Monoxide Poisoning with Furnace Repair in Oklahoma City, OK

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A poorly functioning furnace does not just leave your home in the cold—it can also put your household at risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. Furnace repair in Oklahoma City, OK is the first step to reducing that possibility. Here is why you should call us today if you have not scheduled maintenance or repair for a while, or if you suspect air quality issues.

The dangers of carbon monoxide

When fuel-burning appliances fail to work efficiently, they release carbon monoxide. If your appliances run on natural gas, the resource must be fully combusted to prevent carbon monoxide. That is why most carbon monoxide incidents arise from failures with the burners.

Carbon monoxide poisons your household by replacing the oxygen molecules with its toxic properties. Symptoms first present like a cold or flu, which makes this issue especially insidious in the winter. We all pretty much expect catching cold as a given, so the sore throat and coughing is not considered extraordinary. People will often suffer carbon monoxide effects until serious consequences occur because they genuinely believe nothing is wrong.

Make your furnace safer

Your furnace, along with the boiler, gas stove or gas clothes dryer, are all capable of producing carbon monoxide. If your home contains any of these appliances, you will need to pay attention and take precautions, including:

  • Knowing the signs of a potential carbon monoxide problem: Signs of carbon monoxide poisoning include soot streaks, excess moisture and condensation on windows, rusting on fuel pipes or an orange or yellow flame in the combustion area. An HVAC technician can detect these signs during an annual inspection, but if you notice them at any time, call us as soon as possible.
  • Installing carbon monoxide alarms: You cannot see or smell carbon monoxide fumes. That makes technology designed to detect it crucial. Set up alarms near bedrooms so you wake up if there are leaks at night. Since most people who die from carbon monoxide poisoning do so in their sleep, this safeguard becomes essential.
  • Being familiar with the symptoms: As stated above, the early symptoms resemble a cold or flu. If only one person is your household is suffering them, it is likely that is the cause of the symptoms. However, if everyone is sick at once and pets are ill, pay closer attention—especially if you feel better after you leave your home. If this is the case, vacate the home (bringing your pets with you) and call an HVAC technician. The worst that will happen is that you will discover there is no leak and your home is safe. This is a better-safe-than-sorry situation.
  • Keep up with maintenance: Avoid skipping your annual maintenance appointment for your furnace whenever possible. A well-maintained furnace is less likely to produce carbon monoxide leaks and will behave much more reliably when the coldest days hit.

If you require furnace repair in Oklahoma City, OK for maintenance or air quality concerns, contact Dailey Heating & Air Conditioning. We offer free estimates and can also install a carbon monoxide detection system.

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