Ways to Get Your HVAC System Ready for Winter

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Get ready—the temperatures are dropping, and winter is well on its way. You might have the Christmas decorations up and your parka ready to go. But is your HVAC ready for winter? The fact is that a more efficient HVAC will lower your energy bills and keep you warm throughout the colder months.

Read on to find out the leading ways to get your heater ready for winter.

Swap out the air filter

One of the easiest things you can do to keep your system running well is to replace the air filter monthly. That’s because an air filter is responsible for catching all the debris and dust in the air before it’s circulated into your home. To keep the air that’s flowing through the system clean and to lower strain on the heater, make sure to keep switching out the air filter regularly.

Lower the heat when you don’t need it

You probably like to keep your home warm and toasty during those hours when you’re awake and inside, but if you’re out for several hours or you’re asleep, there’s no reason to keep the temperature high.

Invest in a programmable thermostat, and watch as your energy bills drop. By doing so, you can save up to 10 percent on your heating bills. It’s easy to program the unit to run at a lower temperature at night and when everyone is out of the house during weekdays.

Test the heater out

A good way to see if your heater is up for the challenge of winter is to turn it on a few times before the temperature drops. This way, you’ll see if everything is working as it should be. Leave it on for at least half an hour before shutting it down.

Consider adding insulation

Having adequate insulation can make a huge difference in your home’s climate. Without adequate insulation, cold air will rush in, and the heat generated by the HVAC will escape. Bring in a professional to check the attic insulation and ensure that what you have will do the job. You should also check all the windows and doors to make sure that the seals are doing their job.

Schedule regular HVAC maintenance appointments

One of the best things you can do is bring in a professional HVAC technician before winter. This is typically a less busy time for technicians. They will check out your entire system and see if any parts need to be replaced. If your system is older, they can also offer advice on whether replacement will be coming up in the near future.

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