Five Ways You Can Cut Your Cooling Costs this Summer

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One of the biggest bills you’re liable to get this summer is the bill for cooling your home. Especially when heat waves roll in and stick around for days and weeks at a time, you’re going to be footing the bill for a comfortable quality of life in your air conditioned home. And, try as they might to keep cooling costs low each year, the average homeowner generally finds the attempt futile as the bills start rolling in.

Don’t give up hope, however! There are definitely a few things that you can do to avoid the skyrocketing utility bills that summer brings with it. Take a look at what you can do on a daily basis:

  • Get your air conditioning unit serviced. Start the season off on a good foot and make sure your air conditioning unit is getting its routine services before you start to rely on it in an everyday capacity. Getting a quick tune up before the season starts will help your air conditioning in Oklahoma City, OK function more efficiently, cutting down on waste you might otherwise be paying for.
  • Keep doors and windows shut. Each time you open a door or forget to close a window, you’re paying to cool the outdoors… and that’s a battle you’re going to end up losing. Keep traffic in and out of your home to a minimum during those scorching summer days and make sure that windows are securely shut tight and locked. Also, make sure you’re not losing precious cooled air via gaps around window and door frames.
  • Close the blinds and shades. UV heating is going to be the biggest nuisance to your air conditioning unit this summer. UV light streaming in through windows is going to cause the temperature to rise rapidly all day long, which means you’ll be spending more money to combat these effects. Close the blinds and shades in the areas of your home where the sun streams through and, if possible, follow its path throughout the day to protect all rooms of your home.
  • Set the temp a couple degrees higher. You might want your home to be a crisp 62 degrees in comparison to the triple digit outdoor temperatures, but your desire to be chilled might be costing you a boatload of unnecessary money. Bump the thermostat up a few degrees and see if you really notice a difference! Many people set it on the low side, so raising it up a few degrees doesn’t make a huge difference—except in the costs you’ll save on air conditioning in Oklahoma City, OK.
  • Invest in zone-controlled cooling. Talk to your HVAC contractor about zone-controlled cooling and the many benefits that come with it. This method of strategically cooling your home will prevent unnecessary energy loss from constantly cooling the same areas, while others are left to heat up due to improper forced air distribution. Zone-controlled heating is something your HVAC contractor can help you explore.

Take the above five tips into account if you’re tired of looking at inflated cooling costs every summer!

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