January 17, 2020

"AC having issues keeping up on 90 degree days. Never stopped running. Scheduled a service. Chris called before arriving, explained what the issue was(low refrigerant and a capacitor issue), went over the cost, and was finished in very little time. Now I'm freezing my butt off woooo! Had to call last year for the blower not working. Keith came out in record time. Another capacitor issue in the furnace. Went over my options and replaced the capacitor. I'll never call another HVAC company."
November 15, 2018

Home owner

"Kieth and Chris just completed the installation or or new unit. They were very businesslike, and cordial. They were on time and completed the job when they said they would and for the price they had quoted. Glad to have them working in my house. Thank you for a job well done."
July 2, 2018

Service Review

"Greetings Keith and Crew!So good to see Chris today! You have trained him well. I so much appreciate your quick response to my call yesterday. I had been seeing water draining down into my garage but did not realize I had a problem.Chris checked out my system, found that I had a drain that was clogged, fixed that and showed me the new set-up. I am ever so grateful to have a heat and air team that I can trust to do good work, and only what I need, at the right price. DH & A has been my team for years and will be for hears to come!BTW, Debbie was a hoot to talk to yesterday!Blessings on you all!Deena Noland"
May 29, 2018

"Dear Sir or Madar. Since we built our new house in 2010, I've had occasion to use your services several times over the years. Recently, our air conditioning went out while we were in Dallas planning treatment options for ny mother-in-law's breast cancer. I thought of your company immediately. Someone answered within three rings when I called (on a Sunday!) and passed the message on to the technician director. I heard from Keith almost within the hour. And yesterday, Chris (who works for Keith - I apologize for not knowing their last names) came out on a holiday at the time he said, worked diligently and repaired the problem. He was prompt, courteous, professional and very careful to explain and SHOW me everything he needed to do. All for a very reasonable price when other, more greedy companies, would have charged an exorbitant fee for holiday work. Chris shared his recent move from Apprentice to Journeyman and I have to say, it is refreshing to see capable young people pursuing the trades. For far too long, we have saddled our children with crushing debt for degrees that they "must have" but are essentially worthless. All of this while good, well-paying, long-term jobs are going begging in the skilled trades. As a retired military officer, I've seen first-hand the extremely successful outcomes of apprenticeship programs in Europe and South America. Kudos to you for continuing this tradition! But the main thing I want to express my gratitude for is your HONESTY. I have never felt pressured to buy more than was needed and everyone who has come to our house has been completely upfront with the repairs required and what it would cost. This is no small thing in today's world of "fake news" and "misstatements" and it is noticed and appreciated. You have my thanks and my intention to remain a loyal customer. Sincerely, David R. Powelt Maior. USA (Retired)"
May 31, 2016

Keith and his trainee were fabulous!

"OMYGOODNESS!!! Keith and his trainee were fabulous! Friendly and professional...Keith esplained what they were doing and what was found in terms of problems. Filters were replaced-I was really grateful they did that as I had no idea where the filters were located. Keith also explained that because of the age of the furnace, it would "nickel and dime" us in terms of maintenance. He gave us a ball park figure as to what we could expect to replace it. We will be purchasing a maintenance agreement for the heating and air- " an ounce of prevention is always a good thing. Their office scheduler was a peach! ( I'm sorry I didn't get her name) She knew we had elderly folks in the house and were without heat and while I would've waited for next day service, she called Keith while I waited on the line to see if we could be fit into the schedule. I expected to get next day, however not only did we get same day, Keith was able to fit us in less than 2 hours after I made the call."