Five Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Air Conditioning in Oklahoma City, OK Going Strong All Summer Long

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From time to time, it can be a good idea to call a professional to schedule a thorough air conditioner inspection. But what should you do in between service appointments? As a homeowner, you should have the basic skills needed to keep your home from completely falling apart—such as knowing how to perform basic A/C maintenance. With that in mind, here are five maintenance tips to keep your air conditioning in Oklahoma City, OK going strong all summer long:

  • Replace air filters: For your health and the health of your A/C, make sure you replace dirty air filters (or clean reusable ones) at least once a month or as needed. The filter is in place to catch unhealthy indoor air particles that can trigger allergies, asthma and other respiratory issues. When filters become filled with pet dander and fur, dust, dirt and pollen, there’s no room for more particles and air flow decreases, making the system work harder.
  • Clean vents: Although it’s best to hire a professional HVAC company to thoroughly clean out your home’s vents every year, spot cleaning is something you should be doing. Regular dusting or vacuuming a few times a year is good. Simply dust grills and vacuum vent openings. Otherwise, you could end up with a bunch of dust, debris and spider webs clogging your system.
  • Inspect system components: From the wiring to the switches, it’s crucial that you inspect wiring and other components for signs of damage—especially from overheating. Look for melted or scorched wires, and (if you have the knowledge) also check the tightness of electrical connections. Otherwise, only perform a visual inspection and leave the fixing to the professionals.
  • Check thermostat: Without a doubt, your thermostat gets a workout every summer. This is why you need to check it periodically to ensure proper function. Are all the buttons working? Are the programmable settings doing their job? What about the physical condition of the thermostat box? For homes with older manual thermostats, consider upgrading—not just for looks, but for being able to program specific temperatures to different times throughout the day, which is a useful, energy-efficient convenience.
  • Clean outdoor unit: Maintaining all visible indoor parts of an A/C is not your only responsibility. Don’t forget about the main power hub of your cooler, which you can find either on the perimeter of your home or on the roof. Because dirt, leaves, grass clippings and even garbage will likely accumulate alongside your A/C unit, causing airflow blockage, cleaning it is a must. Use a dampened cloth or a light stream from a hose to wash the unit. You will also need to remove any overgrown foliage.

Regardless of the season, maintaining your A/C is an essential and necessary part of homeownership. Do your best, but if you find yourself in need of professional services for your home’s or business’ air conditioning in Oklahoma City, OK, don’t hesitate to give the team at Dailey Heating & Air Conditioning a call today.

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