Be Prepared for Furnace Installation in Oklahoma City, OK This Winter

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Furnace installation in Oklahoma City, OK is no small venture. It will be time-consuming and disruptive to your routine for about 24 hours. Therefore, if you are looking to replace a furnace during the winter, you need to find a skilled HVAC technician who can finish the job with as few errors or delays as possible. Here is what you can expect from the process so you can go into it fully informed and prepared:

  • This will take time: Even heating systems in small homes will take a bit of time to install. This is not a job you can expect to be finished over your lunch hour, and if your home has multiple stories, it will require even more time. Try to be as patient as possible and see this as a step towards a quality installation.
  • Possible need for a backup system: Before installation begins, plan for backup heating in case it takes a couple of days to complete the job. Using your fireplace may not be practical, but purchasing space heaters is an effective option. Models made today are safe and can heat up a bedroom quite well so you do not have to suffer.
  • Municipal and regulatory requirements: Some HVAC systems require permits. Your technician will know what types of permits to secure and will figure that into the cost of installation. If you are concerned about this, just ask. Once installed, your system will undergo an inspection, which is already scheduled when work begins.
  • Your home will feel gutted: Before the new system comes in, the old one will be removed. This will produce waste, and depending on the amount, your contractor may hire a dumpster. If your ductwork remains in good condition, it will likely stay behind, which will at least give the contractor one less element to consider. Once the old equipment is removed, affected areas are cleaned before installation.
  • Ducts go in first: Any needed ductwork will be installed first. That can be an involved and time-consuming step especially if your home is large. While these areas are exposed, secure your pets so they do not take the opportunity to get stuck in the bowels of your home. It is likely prudent to board them for the day if they do not crate well.
  • Electrical work is likely: If you upgrade your system, your electrical work will be tested to see if it can handle it. Connections are tested, and if they do not pass those tests, they get an upgrade, too. Refrigerator lines and piping are also checked, and if they cannot work with the new system, they will be replaced.
  • Thermostat setup is the last step: Thermostat systems that are left in your home are calibrated to the new system. However, if you took advantage of the opportunity to install a programmable thermostat that requires little intervention on your part, that will be set up for efficiency and ease of use.

If you are prepared for furnace installation Oklahoma City, OK, contact Dailey Heating and Air Conditioning.

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