What Are Some Signs My Air Conditioner Isn’t Working Right?

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It doesn’t take a genius to tell that there’s something wrong with your AC unit when you flip the thermostat switch and nothing happens. A non-starting issue will have 99 percent of homeowners calling for air conditioning repair in Oklahoma City, OK. But how can you prevent it from getting to that point?

The simplest way to prevent a full and complete breakdown is to pay close attention to the warning signs your unit will invariably show when there are problems. Issues with an AC unit can be both electrical and mechanical, and they’re hard to ignore if you’re keeping an eye out for them! Take a look at a few key symptoms of an impending breakdown:

  • Is your unit really, really loud? Other than the soft hum of operation and the sound of the fan cycling smoothly, you shouldn’t hear anything else. Rattling, rumbling, squeaking, squealing and any other noises are your cue to call for AC service in Oklahoma City, OK! It could indicate anything from compressor failure to mechanical breakage.
  • Do the lights flicker in your home when the unit kicks on? This is a clear sign of electrical instability in the unit. There may be a faulty circuit, a short or a problem with the capacitor—all things that will eventually lead to a unit malfunction. It’s also smart to see if the breaker is tripped, which is a clear indicator of a problem that demands professional air conditioning service in Oklahoma City, OK to correct.
  • If your unit kicks on and runs for hours and hours, you’ve got a problem that needs a professional’s attention. A unit that doesn’t cycle off while never reaching the desired temperature could have a number of problems. A faulty capacitor, electrical short, refrigerant leak or a number of other potential problems may exist, which will eventually lead to a complete breakdown.
  • Does your unit start up, then shut down, then start up again several times, before finally kicking on for good or turning off altogether? There may be a problem with the fan motor or something electrical. This behavior needs to be corrected immediately or it could result in costly expenses from having to replace several key parts of the system.

There are numerous other small signs and symptoms of a faulty AC unit that you can observe if you pay attention. Strange smells from your forced air, odd cycling from the unit, ineffectual cooling and more can all warrant a call to a contractor for AC repair in Oklahoma City, OK.

If you have reason to believe your AC unit might be acting up, give it the attention it needs before you’re stuck with a unit that won’t turn on at all! Give the professionals at Dailey Heating & Air Conditioning a call today for service you can count on. We’ll get to the bottom of the problem quickly and make sure it’s thoroughly resolved before it can cause you any more headaches or discomfort.

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