Why Is My Air Conditioning Unit Leaking? Five Possibilities You May Have Overlooked

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As a family-owned and operated air conditioning service in Oklahoma City, OK, one of the most common repair calls we get is in regards to a leaking air conditioning unit. Now that we are in mid-summer, residents are turning on their air conditioning in Oklahoma City, OK more frequently, sometimes letting it run 24/7, which is when problems that were lying just beneath the surface decide to make an appearance.

What a lot of people don’t know is that, most of the time, an air conditioning unit leak could have been prevented by performing regular maintenance checks or ensuring proper installation. A leak in your unit is usually caused by a minor problem that, left unnoticed, resulted in a much more serious issue when you started running your AC more frequently. So, whether you are currently facing this situation or hope to prevent this from happening to you, below are five possible reasons why your air conditioning unit may be leaking:

  • Ductwork was poorly insulated: If the ductwork for your unit was not insulated properly, when the cool surface of the ducts comes in contact with the warm air, the result can be condensation. Under extreme temperatures, or if your unit is running for longer periods of time, this condensation can result in a visible water leak.
  • Disconnected drain line: Sometimes, if an installation job was done incorrectly, the PVC fittings for the drainpipe may have not been connected and cemented together properly. Over time, this can cause the drain line to disconnect, resulting in a water leak.
  • Dirty filter: A surprising number of AC repairs, including leaks, are caused by dirty filters—AC unit leaks included. First, a dirty filter blocks the airflow. When the air can’t pass through the filter, it can cause your unit to freeze up. When the ice on the unit begins to melt, it will appear as if your unit is leaking.
  • Clogged drain line: If your drain line becomes clogged with dirt, the water from your unit will back up into the drain pan. The drain pan can only hold so much water, so once it’s full, the overflow will begin to leak from your unit.
  • Broken pump: If your condenser pump is dirty or broken, it cannot properly remove excess water from your unit. The result can be not only a serious water leak, but also mold and mildew, which can grow inside your unit due to the constant presence of moisture and cause it to clog.

There are other reasons your AC unit may be leaking, but these are a few of the most common culprits that our technicians see on the job every day. If you need help with a unit that is already leaking or want to prevent future problems with your unit, give Dailey Heating & Air Conditioning a call. We offer timely and professional maintenance checks and air conditioning repair in Oklahoma City, OK to both residential and commercial locations. Get in touch today to schedule a visit!

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