What Is a SEER Rating and Why Is It Important?

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The seasonal energy efficient ratio (SEER) rating system is a way to measure the energy efficiency of a home heating or air conditioning system. Understanding how to interpret the SEER rating system will help you move forward with selecting an air conditioning unit that meets your needs when you are preparing for a new air conditioning installation in Oklahoma City, OK. If you are scheduling an air conditioning service appointment, learning about your current unit’s SEER rating can help you make informed decisions about its maintenance requirements and when you might need to replace it.

The SEER system

A home comfort system’s overall SEER score is calculated by dividing the cooling output average for a specific time of the year with the total energy usage within the same time frame. Today, the federal government mandates that all new home comfort systems have a minimum score of 13, though some states and regions may require higher scores. The highest possible SEER score that a unit can receive is 21.

It is important to understand that a SEER score is always a maximum rating, meaning that it is based upon your unit’s optimum performance. Only obtaining regular air conditioning maintenance will allow your unit to operate at its highest potential, which is its SEER score. Certain climates and operating practices will mean that your unit is not meeting the energy saving potential that is outlined in your score.

Analyzing your unit’s SEER score

If your home has an older air conditioning or heating unit installed, you may be wondering how to check the SEER score of your particular unit. Every modern home comfort system will have the SEER score prominently displayed on the unit itself. Typically, it can be found on a sticker that says, “energy guide.” Occasionally, it will be a number followed by the letter C preceding the unit’s model number.

If your unit has a lower SEER score, you may be in need of a new air conditioning installation in Oklahoma City, OK. Operating older, less efficient units will cost you a substantial amount of money in the long run. Even if your SEER score is high, on older units it may not mean that your home comfort system is operating efficiently. Generally, air conditioning units should be used for no longer than 15 years, as their efficiency will begin to degrade after just 10 years of regular use and operation.

The cost of a new air conditioning installation will be greatly outweighed by the savings incurred by having a higher SEER unit in your home.

If you own a relatively modern unit, obtaining regular air conditioning service in Oklahoma City, OK is the best way to ensure that you are meeting the potential outlined in your SEER score.

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