How to Keep Wasps and Bees Out of Your AC Unit

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Wasps and bees establishing nests within your home’s air conditioning unit can be a nuisance, and may even be dangerous. Due to the social nature of bees and their brethren, colonies within an air conditioning unit can quickly grow to a substantial size. Bees and wasps will sting to protect their hives, and can cause severe allergic reactions in some individuals. AC service in Oklahoma City, OK can help you prepare your unit for nesting season, and keep your air conditioning unit wasp- or bee-free.

Using potentially harmful insecticides or pesticides in close proximity to your home’s ventilation system can be dangerous, and is not recommended. If you are concerned about wasps or bees establishing themselves within your air conditioning unit, however, there are a number of pesticide-free steps that you can take or ask your AC service technician about during your next service appointment:

  • Water traps: One of the easiest ways to deter bees and wasps is to hang water traps near your unit. These use floral scents to attract and trap bees or wasps, eventually drowning them. If you would like to keep bees on your property for pollination purposes, a clear plastic bag full of metallic coins filled with water suspended over your air conditioning unit will also deter the multi-eyed insects without harming them.
  • Fake nests: Another easy deterrent measure is to purchase a fake wasp’s nest and attach it to your air conditioner. Wasps are fiercely territorial animals, and will not establish a nest in proximity to another existing colony. If you can’t find a fake nest to purchase, a convincing one can be easily constructed out of crushed brown construction paper. This method is humane and can be surprisingly effective.
  • Check the smells: If there are any scents that may be attracting insects located near your air conditioning unit, they should be eliminated as quickly as possible. Attractants can include rotting fruit, garbage canisters and recycling bins. Begin by moving any garbage or recycling receptacles away from your unit, and then clean up any fruit that may be deposited by bushes or trees. Even if the fruit isn’t edible for humans, it can still be appealing to a wasp!
  • Batten down the hatches: Think of your air conditioning unit as an impregnable fortress. Keep wasps, bees and other undesirable guests or substances out of it by caulking up any gaps that may exist between the unit and the wall of your home. If the area is too large to fill with caulk, use a foam sealer, which will expand to meet the space requirements of the crack. After you are finished using your air conditioning in Oklahoma City, OK for the summer, cover the unit with a weatherproof tarp to prevent wasps from spending their winter hibernation there.

Since 1994, Dailey Heating & Air Conditioning has been providing high-quality home comfort system solutions. If you are looking for AC service in Oklahoma City, OK, contact one of our qualified service professionals today! We are here to help you make the most of your air conditioning unit, and can provide a number of pest control options for your home comfort system.

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