Understanding Leaks in Your Air Conditioning in Oklahoma City, OK

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As the owner of a home or business, there are almost too many moving parts to keep track of when it comes to maintaining your space. You have to think about landscaping, appliance repair and replacement and interior improvements, among other things. One important aspect of keeping your home or business running is maintaining a climate that is comfortable all year long. Even though you might understand some of the intricacies of air conditioning in Oklahoma City, OK, there may still be certain aspects of your system’s operation that give you pause. If you’ve ever walked outside and noticed a puddle of water underneath the condenser unit in your air conditioning system, you’ve probably experienced this sense of confusion firsthand.

Thankfully, leaks like this are often normal and no cause for concern. It’s important to understand why your system has leaks like this and how to tell whether a leak indicates an issue that should be addressed.

The cause of HVAC leaks

When your air conditioner is operating normally, small puddles and leaks from your drainpipe or condenser unit are to be expected. In fact, it is a good indicator that your air conditioner is working hard to combat the heat on those summer days. These kinds of leaks shouldn’t be too significant and will generally dry up on the next sunny day. If, on the other hand, these leaks are excessive, persist for longer than one or two days or never really dry up at all, it could be a sign of a number of issues.

One problem that could lead to leakage is a dirty air filter. Dirty air filters obstruct normal airflow and promote freezing of your evaporator coils. Then, when the frozen coils thaw, your drain pan can overflow and cause leakage. Another common issue has to do with low refrigerant levels. When refrigerant is low, your system’s pressure will also lower and cause your coils to freeze up.

Even if your evaporator coils aren’t freezing and causing an overflow in your drain pan, you might still experience leaks as a result of the condition of your drain pan itself. Over time, the pan can rust and deteriorate, causing eventual cracking and splitting making it ineffective at catching water. If these issues aren’t the source of your problem, it could be due to improper installation of your unit. Find a professional provider of HVAC service to inspect your system and help you discover the root of the problem.

Find reliable air conditioning service in Oklahoma City, OK

If you’re ever unsure about whether your system is operating as it should, or if you think there could be an issue with your AC, you can contact the team of professionals at Dailey Heating & Air Conditioning for air conditioning service in Oklahoma City, OK. Our decades of experience in the HVAC industry have given us the ability to understand the ins and outs of air conditioning systems. We can help determine whether there is a problem with your system and help address it with all of the necessary repairs and maintenance. You can call us today for a free quote and to schedule an appointment with one of our knowledgeable HVAC technicians.

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