Tune Up Your Furnace Before Shutting It Down for the Summer

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By opting to tune up your furnace before shutting it down upon the arrival of the summer heat, you can prevent issues from arising next winter when you need to use your heater again. Here are some things homeowners and business owners should do at the end of the chilly season to avoid costly furnace repair in Oklahoma City, OK.

Shut down your furnace to save energy this summer

Even though you aren’t using your furnace when the outside temperature warms up, most furnaces will still use natural gas—particularly older models that ignite their burners using a pilot light. These pilot lights stay lit continually so they are ready to light whenever the burners turn on. Furthermore, your furnace, even when not in use, will continue to consume electricity. Talk to an HVAC professional about the energy usage of your specific furnace model.

Why professional maintenance is important

Shutting down your furnace is one thing, but it’s advised that you and your HVAC professional perform crucial post-season maintenance. Taking preventative measures is a critical part of keeping your home furnace properly tuned, cleaned and ready to work hard next fall or winter.

Another reason to seek professional furnace maintenance is safety. Of course, furnaces are designed with safety in mind, but there is always some risk of gas leaks and fire. Shutting down the furnace for the summer is the best way to avoid this danger.

Ultimately, if you want your furnace to be more efficient, cost-effective and reliable come next winter, you should be sure to use the following checklist:

  • Change the air filter: The main purpose of residential HVAC air filters is to ensure only clean air is entering the home. When the filter is clean, it means the air is flowing free, the system and unit are operating at high efficiency and the indoor air quality is good. Replacing dirty filters before you shut the furnace down for the season means there’ll be a clean filter in place for your air conditioner.
  • Inspect for issues: Although you shouldn’t attempt to fix or replace any part of your furnace system, you should thoroughly inspect it the best you can with your eyes. Be alert for loose connections, dents, odd sounds, smells or lights, and make note of inconsistencies in the way the furnace is functioning. Relay your observations to your HVAC contractor.
  • Clean the unit: No matter what, dust will collect on and around the furnace, which can be a fire hazard. Clean away dust or grime so it doesn’t find its way into your home air supply.
  • Schedule a tune-up: It’s recommended that homeowners schedule professional post-season tune-ups every year. The pros will conduct thorough component checks, clean the unit and all components and even make sure all parts are lubricated to ensure everything is good to go next year.

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