Five Factors That Affect Your Home’s Air Conditioning

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The outdoor temperatures are already climbing. Soon, your air conditioner will be working hard to keep your home cool and comfortable. One of the most common questions air conditioning specialists hear this time of year is, “How long should it take for the air conditioner to cool my home?” The answer to this very important question actually depends on a variety of different factors.

Everything from the outside temperatures to the size of your home can all affect the amount of time it takes to cool a building. Understanding the different variables can help you know when it is time for AC service in Oklahoma City, OK. Here’s are five factors that affect how long it takes for an air conditioner to cool your home:

  • Outside temperature: This one might seem obvious, but it’s important to remember on those hot summer days. The air conditioner will require more time to produce cool air if the outdoor heat and humidity levels are high. It will take a longer amount of time for the air conditioner to produce enough cool air to bring the temperatures down within the home.
  • Size of the home: Expect it to take a longer amount of time to cool a larger sized home. The air conditioner is tasked with providing cool air for more square footage. That’s why air conditioning installation specialists recommend using a larger-capacity air conditioner for homes with more than four bedrooms.
  • Windows: While that natural sunlight provides great lighting, it can take a huge toll on your air conditioner. Homes facing the west or south need more time to cool than those facing east or north. This is because south- and west-facing homes are hit with more heat from direct exposure to the sun during the day. The air conditioner will have to work extra hard to produce the same results.
  • Insulation placement and amount: Having ample insulation placed inside the walls, attic and other strategic locations will help your home stay cooler. The insulation prevents the air from leaking outside, which will help keep cooling time low. Any air leaks or lapses in insulation will contribute to longer cooling times.
  • AC unit: The air conditioner itself is actually one of the most pivotal forces behind cooling time. Over time, older units become less effective at cooling spaces as quickly as they used to. The unit will begin to operate less efficiently as it ages and will require more time to provide the same cooling levels. A newer, high efficiency unit will be more equipped to cool a home quickly.

Contact Dailey Heating & Air Conditioning today if you have any additional questions about the amount of time it should be taking for your air conditioner to cool your home. Our team will help you determine whether installing a new unit or investing in air conditioning service in Oklahoma City, OK will improve the current cooling time. Call us today to learn more—we look forward to working with you!

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