How Your HVAC System Can Affect You This Allergy Season

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Summer means hotter temperatures, more time spent outside and more problems for allergy sufferers. As allergy season picks up, more and more airborne particles gather in the air. These can cause itchy, watery eyes, sneezing and runny noses, itchy throats and other allergy symptoms. Even indoors, allergies can affect people. One way to combat the problem is to stop them from coming into your home, specifically with some smart use of your HVAC in Oklahoma City, OK.

High-quality filters

One of the first defenses against allergies in the home are filters, like the ones in a furnace. The best ones are at least MERV 8, providing a high amount of filtration when it comes to airborne particles that can cause allergic reactions. These filters trap the particles and keep them from circulating into your home. Keeping filters up to date and clean is an important part of maintaining your HVAC in Oklahoma City, OK. A dirty filter won’t trap the allergy particles any longer. Not only will the system be less efficient, your allergies will also act up more often and more severely. Make sure to check the filter once a month and replace on average once every three months.

Clean and dust

An air conditioner pulls in hot air from the outside and cools it to lower the temperature in your home. That means it’s bringing particles inside as well. While the filter will keep most of the airborne particles out, keeping the area around the AC clean is important, too. A clean HVAC in Oklahoma City, OK is one that works efficiently. Clean the area on a regular basis. Check for mold and other problems as well. Mold can increase allergic reactions and in some cases can be very dangerous. Mold grows best in places with high humidity and moisture. In an HVAC system, this includes some areas within the AC unit itself. Cleaning the unit on a regular basis will keep mold and other contaminants out.

Maintain the system

Not only is it important to keep the HVAC clean, but doing regular maintenance on the system is also a must. A company that specializes in maintaining HVAC in Oklahoma City, OK can keep the system in top shape. A professional can clean and help with maintenance, keeping any allergens from spreading through your home. A quick cleaning and check of the system is advised during the spring season. This will allow any problems or issues to be fixed before summer and allergy season kick into high gear.

HVAC systems can help to greatly reduce allergy symptoms. Dailey Heating & Air Conditioning is a family-owned business that’s been installing and servicing HVAC systems in Oklahoma City, OK for more than 20 years. We employ knowledgeable and helpful staff that will work with you to solve any of your problems. We offer free quotes for any work done. If you need an HVAC system installed or want to improve the efficiency of your existing system, give us a call. We’ll be happy to help with all of your HVAC needs!

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