Does Rain Affect My Air Conditioning Unit?

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Rain affects many things in your surroundings. It can influence the temperature, wildlife, bodies of water, humidity levels and outdoor activities. What about your air conditioning service in Oklahoma City, OK? Does rain affect your AC unit?

In fact, it does. A rainstorm can both help and hurt your air conditioner. Here’s how.

It Cleans

Inside your air conditioning unit is a condensing coil. This piece plays a major part in the cooling of your home. Air travels over and through this coil to cool it. Because the unit is outside, the coil is exposed to the elements and quickly collects dust. When rain falls, it helps clean the coil. The precipitation washes away the accumulated dust from the coil. Because the unit runs more efficiently when clean, the rain helps improve your air conditioner’s performance.

Of course, for optimal performance, homeowners shouldn’t rely on rain to maintain the cleanliness of their units. The coil should be cleaned periodically. This is included in annual maintenance service provided by HVAC professionals. It’s also important to keep vegetation and other debris cleared away from the unit year-round to prevent obstruction of airflow.

It Cools

A nice rainfall can also help keep your air conditioning unit cool. As it sends hot refrigerant through the system to cool the air in your home, the unit can generate a lot of heat. These machines are built to withstand typical rainstorms, so the rain will likely help your unit cool rather than harm it. As the rain washes away debris and cools the unit, it can function more efficiently.

It Floods

While air conditioning units are made for the outdoors, they can only withstand a certain degree of exposure. If rainfall is so heavy that it causes flooding around your unit, the water could put a halt to your air conditioning service in Oklahoma City, OK. The main concern is the condenser. If this part becomes submerged in water, the flooding could damage your system.

It Strikes

Another concern with rainfall is the lightning that often accompanies it. Obviously, a lightning strike could severely damage your AC unit. A power outage in the area could also prevent your unit from working or result in power surges.

To protect your air conditioning unit during a severe storm, turn it off. Shut off the unit at the thermostat and the circuit breaker for best protection from lightning strikes and power surges. Hopefully the rain will reduce the outdoor temperature, so you’re not sweating out the storm as you give your unit some downtime.

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