Whole House AC Units vs. Window AC Units

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Picture this: you’re hanging out in your house on a hot afternoon and you’re absolutely dripping with sweat. That’s a common problem for folks who rely on fans or opening windows to keep them comfortable throughout the summer. Instead of depending on a weak oscillating fan to cool you down, you may want to consider buying and installing an air conditioner. When it comes to ACs, you can either purchase a whole house unit or a window unit. Keep reading to learn the benefits of both from a longtime provider of AC service in Oklahoma City, OK.

Whole house units

Your first option if you want to stay cool throughout the summer is to install a whole house AC unit. Let’s start out with some of the reasons why homeowners go with this option:

  • Cools the whole house: As the name implies, a whole house unit will pump your entire home full of fresh, cold air at once. All you need to do is press a button on your thermostat and enjoy conditioned air almost immediately. This comes in handy for folks with larger families who don’t always hang out together in the same space.
  • Consistent comfort: From cooking in the kitchen to getting some work done in your home office and lounging in the living room, you move around your home quite a bit! With a whole house unit, you’ll enjoy cool air wherever you go.
  • Lower energy usage: Believe it or not, people with whole house units tend to spend less on their monthly electric bills compared to those with multiple window units. This is partially due to the fact that whole house units are becoming increasingly energy efficient.
  • Breakdowns are rare if properly maintained: Nobody likes the thought of a midsummer AC breakdown. Luckily, that’s not very likely as long as you call an AC service in Oklahoma City, OK to inspect your unit and tune it up each spring.

Window units

If you don’t have a whole house unit, you’re going to want to install at least one window unit. Here are a few reasons why some people go this route:

  • Good for apartments and smaller homes: Maybe you live in an apartment or a smaller house that doesn’t necessarily require a central cooling system. In that case, a window unit will likely do just fine to keep you cool throughout the hottest months of the year.
  • Can be used for supplemental cooling: Is your whole house unit getting old and ineffective? If so, you may want to consider buying window units to cool the rooms that your whole house unit doesn’t adequately cool anymore.
  • Easy installation: One of the best aspects of a window unit is the fact that you can buy it and set it up yourself on the same day. In fact, as long as you know what you’re doing, you can have your window unit up and running in minutes. That’s tough to beat if you want instant gratification!

Whether you decide to buy a whole house unit or a window AC unit, be sure to choose Dailey Heating & Air Conditioning for installation and maintenance. We’re a trusted AC service in Oklahoma City, OK, consistently providing top-notch service for all of our clients.

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