What Goes Into Your AC Repair Estimate?

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Summer is the worst time for your air conditioner to stop working. However, it may be a likely time for it to happen. Overuse and strain on the AC to combat rising temperatures is a sure way to exacerbate any residing problems your system was already having. When you begin having issues with your AC, you may wonder how much it’s going to cost to fix it, and how professionals know the labor and parts that will go into a repair in order to give you an accurate estimate. Read on to learn more about AC repair in Oklahoma City, OK and what goes into your repair estimate:

  • Diagnostics: Your initial call for a technician to come out and assess the damage and calculate the repair costs is the initial cost that will be taken into account when the professionals provide your estimate. This fee helps cover the cost of the time the technician spent assessing your system.
  • Parts: Another key piece of the estimate will be the cost of the parts the technicians will need to purchase to install or replace broken parts in your system. This can include flushing condensate drain lines, replacement drip pans, replacement condensate drain lines and pumps, repairs to refrigerant leaks and the refrigerant, condenser coils, compressors, fan motors, relays, breakers and fuses. The parts vary in price, so your estimate will largely depend on what is broken.
  • Labor: A large part of the estimate will include the time and labor it will take to repair the malfunctioning part. Professionals who have been in the business for quite some time will have a fairly accurate idea of how long it will take to fix the problem or replace the broken part, so their estimate should be fairly accurate.

Assessing the damage

Before calling for AC repair in Oklahoma City, OK, you can try to assess the damage yourself and help cut back on necessary costs for repairs. You can try troubleshooting the system yourself by checking for common issues. However, many problems will need a professional HVAC technician to address. The thermostat is a common source of problems, especially computerized thermostats that have many settings. You’ll also want to make sure the batteries are working, and your breaker box is powering correctly. Make sure you have checked all your thermostat settings before concluding there’s an issue with your AC unit. Another step you can take is to check the on/off switches on the exterior unit and make sure they’re turned on. And always practice good AC maintenance by changing your filters so airflow is not impeded.

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