How to Keep Rooms Cool in the Summer

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Recent heat waves have scorched parts of the country, with highs reaching well into the triple digits. If you have an HVAC system, it’s probably working overtime keeping you and your family cool. The problem is that your energy bills are increasing every month. Plus, with the air conditioner working so hard, it may be in need of maintenance.

Luckily, it is possible to both stay cool and keep those energy bills under control by following some basic steps. Here are the leading tips from experts in AC service in Oklahoma City, OK about how to keep every room in your home coo and comfortable, even when the sun seems to be beating down hotter than ever:

  • Maintain your AC unit and vents: Staying on top of keeping the AC in good condition is a great first step. That means changing the AC filter every 30 days. Other good maintenance tips include regularly checking the outdoor part of the system and removing any branches or debris from the area to ensure proper airflow. You’ll also want to use a garden hose to clean the unit’s coils, allowing the system to more easily dissipate heat. Having a professional clean and maintain AC ducts is also a smart idea to enjoy optimal system efficiency.
  • Turn off the lights: If you aren’t using lights, turn them off. This surprisingly simple step can keep things slightly cooler, so the AC unit doesn’t have to work as hard. Plus, it will help you lower your energy bills a little bit more.
  • Keep outdoor air outside: Make sure every window and door in your home is shut tight on sweltering hot days. This means the AC won’t have to compete with hot air rushing into the home.
  • Install thermal curtains: These energy efficient curtains are great for keeping cool air inside and hot air outside. Installing these around your home will lower your energy bills and could extend the life of your AC system.
  • Use fans: These aren’t just good for helping you keep cool when you don’t have air conditioning. Any kind of fan will keep the air circulating, reducing humidity and making it easier for the room to cool. Turn on ceiling fans and floor fans to give the air conditioning a break.

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