Why Turning Off the AC When You’re Away Is a Mistake

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Many homeowners believe turning off the air conditioning when they leave home is a smart move. After all, AC can be expensive, and so turning it off when you’re not using it seems to make sense. But the reality is that this can actually cost you more money. If you really want to save on air conditioning costs in Oklahoma City, OK, the best move is to turn the thermostat up while you’re out for the day. More specifically, leaving it on, but at about seven to 10 degrees higher than usual, is optimal. Read on to find out more about the benefits of leaving the AC on at a higher temperature:

  • Keeps it comfortable: No one wants to come home from work or a long trip to a home that’s muggy, hot and uncomfortable. It’s also possible that the refrigerator will need to work harder if your AC system is completely turned off. That’s why keeping it at a somewhat higher temperature is the best way forward. It leaves the home at a tolerable temperature and humidity level without breaking the bank on energy costs.
  • Saves money: You probably think the best way to save money is to shut down the system completely, but the reality is that when you restart it, the system will need to take a much longer time cooling the house again. This also puts extra strain on the system, as it has a much higher workload. That means the best move is to raise the thermostat to around 78 or 80 degrees when you leave for work in the morning. Then, when you come home, lower the temperature to 68 or 70.
  • Prevents mold and pests: Did you know that air conditioning does more than just keep your home comfortable during the summer? By eliminating humidity, the AC unit contributes to protecting mold from growing in your home. It also protects against pests that thrive in humid conditions, like cockroaches. Leaving the AC unit on during the day will lower the humidity levels and help you reap these benefits.

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