Is Humidity Affecting Your HVAC System’s Performance?

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HVAC systems are designed to improve the comfort of homes and businesses. There are a lot of different components and systems that work together in an HVAC system to achieve the best comfort while minimizing energy waste and maintaining safe operation, but a lot of home and business owners don’t have a good understanding of how these different things work. Keep reading for some information about HVAC humidity control in Oklahoma City, OK and how you can improve the comfort, performance and efficiency of your system with a little troubleshooting.

Controlling HVAC humidity

Humidity is a very important factor to consider for home and business owners who use HVAC systems. Without proper HVAC maintenance in Oklahoma City, OK, air conditioning or heating can create an uncomfortable environment that’s too humid or too dry, and that can lead to all kinds of problems.

Humidity control problems typically come up during the summer months, when home and business owners begin using their AC systems again. AC systems remove humidity as they condition air, but the humidity level isn’t always right. Here are a few of the most common issues with AC humidity controls and what to do about them:

  • Flawed ventilation: Ventilation is key to the effective performance of your HVAC system. If your ventilation is flawed and there is negative air pressure in your space, more muggy air is brought into your home or business, which contributes to elevated humidity levels. This issue is especially common in commercial kitchens and other businesses with powerful air exhaust systems. To resolve this issue, work with an HVAC technician to plan a redesign of your ventilation system that makes more sense for your space.
  • Limited settings: Single-speed air conditioning systems that offer very limited settings are more difficult to adjust to accommodate shifting humidity levels outside. These systems operate at full capacity until achieving the right temperature, and then shut off until the temperature rises again. Without consistent operation, HVAC systems can’t effectively remove humidity from the air. A modulating system is a better option to get reliable cooling and humidity control functionalities.
  • Wrong system for the space: A lot of home and business owners assume bigger is better when it comes to AC systems, but this isn’t always the case. In fact, a system that’s too big for your space can cause humidity problems and create an uncomfortable environment. The best way to avoid installing a system that isn’t appropriate for your space is to get equipment recommendations from a professional who specializes in HVAC system installation. They will be able to recommend a system that’s right for your home or business.

HVAC maintenance in Oklahoma City, OK

If you need help with air conditioning maintenance in Oklahoma City, OK, reach out to Dailey Heating & Air Conditioning. We have been providing comprehensive HVAC services since 1994, and we continue to deliver reliable and effective services to commercial and residential customers alike. To find out more about what we have to offer, request a consultation and schedule a service appointment, give us a call today.

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