How to Tell if You Need a Water Softener

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The quality of the tap water in your home will depend heavily on the source of the water, and how it’s conditioned and disinfected. If the quality of the water coming into your home isn’t particularly great, you might consider looking into home water conditioning systems. Your HVAC service in Oklahoma City, OK can provide valuable recommendations and insight.

A water softener is a type of system that will reduce mineral content (hardness) in the water to make it better for drinking and cleaning. Here are just a few signs that may indicate it would be beneficial for you to install a water softener in your home:

  • Scale buildup: Have you been noticing a buildup of scale on some of your appliances? You might see the scale left behind on items like a dishwasher, washing machine or tea kettle, or see stains on your sinks or bathtubs. The minerals in hard water will build up and collect on surfaces over time, so this scale buildup is a telltale sign you could benefit from a water softener.
  • Dry skin and hair: The harder the water, the harsher it will be on your hair and skin, meaning your showers will not be nurturing and rejuvenating as they should be, but instead will actually dry out your skin and hair. Untreated water can result in blocked pores due to scale buildup, causing inflammation and blackheads. The extra calcium and magnesium in the water can also result in dry and itchy scalp and dry hair. Your choice of shampoo, soap and moisturizer can help prevent this, but only to a certain extent. The best solution is to soften your water.
  • Bad taste: You should not notice any strong tastes in your water—it should be easy to drink and refreshing, without any real noticeable flavor. So, if you notice a taste of metal, sulfur or chlorine in your water, this is probably a result of contaminants in the water that you would be better off filtering out. Depending on the contaminants that are causing the problem, the best solution may be installing a water softener at your home.
  • Fading of clothes: If you’ve noticed your clothes or linens starting to get gray or faded, or if they’re starting to feel rougher or scratchier than they have in the past after being washed, this is probably a sign that you have hard water that is affecting your fabrics. You can cut down on these effects to a certain extent by using a liquid detergent with water-softening properties, but powders probably aren’t going to do a whole lot to help. Overall, the best way of reducing this problem is installing a water softener.
  • High water bills: Does your water bill seem suspiciously high? The plumbing will generally have to work harder when you have more mineral buildup in pipes and appliances, which can result in increases in your water bills. In such a case, it is time for you to invest in a water softener.

These are just a few telltale signs that you may need a water softener in Oklahoma City, OK. For more information, contact Dailey Heating & Air Conditioning today.

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