What to Do if Your AC Unit Freezes

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It’s hot outside, you’re stuck indoors—and suddenly your AC unit freezes. Sure, you wanted it cold, but not that cold. The worst part is, your home isn’t benefiting from that ice buildup. It’ll be almost as hot inside as it is outdoors. Frozen air conditioners in Oklahoma City, OK are a pain, but you can perform a few simple tasks to help get it back up and running again.

Why do AC units freeze?

AC units tend to freeze for a few reasons, most of which boil down to insufficient regular maintenance. Anytime the airflow is restricted, your air conditioner can’t do its job. Make sure that you regularly change the filter, clean the coils and check for obstructions or refrigerant leaks.

How to fix a frozen AC unit in Oklahoma City, OK

  • Stop using it immediately: If your AC unit is frozen, it won’t work until you turn the unit off and let it thaw out completely—plus, you’ll need to identify the source of the problem. If you use it with frozen coils, you’ll put additional stress on the system.
  • Let it thaw: Try to go somewhere else for the day, if at all possible. If not, turn the AC unit off but leave the blower going. Let the coils thaw completely. Do not try to break up the ice with tools or other implements.
  • Dry off the coils: Next, dry off the coils and wipe them down. Once the coils are clean and dry, you can start running the unit again.

How can I prevent my AC from freezing?

  • Change the filter regularly: You should already be changing your filter every one to three months, and more frequently if you suffer from allergies and respiratory illnesses, or if your filter gets dirty faster.
  • Clean your evaporator coils: When your coils are dirty, they can’t cool the warm air flowing over them, so they ice over. They also remove excess moisture in the system, so if there’s a clog in the line, they’ll freeze over there, too. This can be done during your yearly HVAC system maintenance.
  • Get an airflow inspection: If air can’t flow freely around your AC unit, it can’t cool the warm air that’s being brought in from the outside. Have your HVAC contractor check vents and ducts to ensure there are no blockages preventing your air from flowing.
  • Schedule regular maintenance: As always, regular HVAC maintenance is key to keeping this piece of machinery working properly. While you can do plenty of maintenance on your own, there’s no substitute for working with a skilled repair technician. Make sure you get your unit checked out at least once per year.

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