Three Reasons Your AC Unit Is Making a Buzzing Sound

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When your air conditioner is running poorly, there are some telltale symptoms you’ll likely notice almost immediately. For example, it might seem to be running full-bore, but your home still feels a bit warmer than it should. Another one a lot of homeowners can easily notice is if the AC unit is making an audible humming or buzzing sound. A buzzing AC unit in Oklahoma City, OK can be a real annoyance, and there are actually a number of potential causes for this very common problem. Read on to learn more.

Loose parts

AC unit repair in Oklahoma City, OK encompasses many different elements of the unit. They’re complex, so while regular maintenance can catch most problems, it isn’t always enough to catch everything. For example, since an air conditioner is a powerful appliance that can strain its parts, sometimes those parts can work themselves loose and begin to loudly vibrate or hum. This is something you don’t want to delay in addressing. These minor repairs can become major ones if you don’t act soon, so if you can tell that pieces of the AC unit have worked themselves loose, it’s time to call Dailey Heating & Air Conditioning to schedule maintenance or repairs.

Condenser fan motor

The condenser fan is housed in the large outside portion of your AC system and serves a critical purpose: it blows air across the coil, allowing it to cool refrigerant from a gas into a liquid form. If the condenser fan isn’t working right, then no part of the unit is going to work properly. Hearing your AC unit buzzing in Oklahoma City, OK could mean that the condenser fan is fouled with debris that’s fallen into the unit, or the fan could just be starting to die. Prevent this debris buildup by keeping everything around the external unit (vegetation, etc.) trimmed back so there’s at least three feet of clearance on all sides. Also, watch for small animals looking to build nests inside the unit, especially during the winter months when it’s not in use.

The unit is frozen

If you’ve been running the air conditioning in your home for an extended period during a hot spell, then a buzzing AC unit in Oklahoma City, OK might not come as a surprise. AC units can actually freeze over if they run for a long time. Normally, the easiest fix is to just turn it off for a bit and let it thaw out, but if that doesn’t solve the humming or buzzing problem, it could be time to call your air conditioning service pros.

Air conditioner maintenance and repair is a vital home service that Dailey Heating & Air Conditioning has provided to customers for over a quarter century. If you have an improperly cooling home, a twitchy thermostat or a buzzing AC unit in Oklahoma City, OK, it’s time to give us a call. We have the skills and knowledge to get everything back to normal. Your HVAC system keeps your family comfortable and secure—we hope you’ll put your trust in us to take care of it!

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