What to Do When Your House Is Hot Upstairs and Cold Downstairs

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It’s a common problem for many homeowners: you set the temperature and the downstairs feels cool, but the upstairs is roasting hot. You spend the night sweating in bed and throwing off your covers, only to go downstairs and need to bundle up to get comfortable. Even that high-tech thermostat doesn’t seem to help make the temperature consistent throughout your home.

There are a number of factors to consider when you’re dealing with uneven home temperatures in Oklahoma City, OK. Here are the leading things to try to resolve this irritating issue.

Inspect the system

There are some things you can do on your own. For example, you might be able to check the ductwork to see if there are any leaks. The ducts run in the walls, in the attic and below the floors to carry the hot or cold air into the home. Leaking ducts means wasted energy—not to mention wasted money—and inefficient heating and cooling. You can move the insulation away from the ducts and check the joints for any potential leaks. Then you can use foil-faced tape to seal them up if need be.


Sometimes the problem lies in the HVAC’s insulation. This can result in higher heating and cooling bills, as the insulation fails to keep the conditioned air in the house. Federal agencies encourage all homeowners to add insulation and make their home more efficient. This is especially important in the attic and around the ducts. A lack of quality insulation could mean that one part of the house has more efficient heating and cooling than another.

Zoning systems

Adding dampers to the ductwork can allow for the control of the flow of air in separate parts of the home. This effectively creates temperature “zones,” such as allowing more cool air to flow upstairs than downstairs. You can also use a ductless air conditioning system to create zones.

Installing ceiling fans

One relatively inexpensive way to even out the temperature in your house is by adding ceiling fans. These help to circulate and redistribute air, making the upstairs a bit cooler than before. Just like adding a ductless air conditioning system, it’s best to work with a professional if you want to add ceiling fans. They can make product and placement recommendations and ensure everything is installed correctly.

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