What You Need to Know About Keeping Your House Comfortable During Every Season

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Homeowners in Oklahoma City, OK can find it difficult to maintain an ideal house temperature due to seasonal weather patterns and temperature changes. While what feels good to one person might not feel comfortable to another, there are some generally recommended thermostat settings that help your house maintain a consistent, cozy temperature. Read on to discover how to keep your house comfortable during every season.

What’s the ideal house temperature?

While everyone has their own ideas of what feels comfortable, experts recommend you adjust your thermostat settings to 78 degrees Fahrenheit during the summer. When the weather gets cold in the winter, knock the thermostat settings down to 68 degrees. These temperature settings are general guidelines; feel free to make adjustments to suit your individual comfort level but know that any adjustment makes an impact on the efficiency of your HVAC system and your home’s overall energy consumption.

What settings affect indoor temperature?

There are several factors to consider when it comes to heating and cooling your house. Get each room of the house as close to the ideal temperature as possible by keeping the following conditions in mind:

  • Home size and orientation: Houses that are large are obviously more challenging to heat and cool efficiently. The orientation of your rooms also has an impact on their temperature—rooms that are south facing are generally the warmest. Have a heating and cooling professional install thermostats for multiple zones in your house so you can maintain a consistent temperature from room to room.
  • Humidity: Summer air is naturally quite humid throughout much of the country, while winter air can be very dry. The humidity levels in your house directly affect how warm or cold you feel. Adjust the humidity level on your thermostat according to the seasons—turn it lower in the summer and raise it a bit in the winter. It’s also helpful to run a whole-house humidifier when the air gets dry—it can actually make your rooms feel a few degrees warmer, allowing you to turn down your thermostat settings and consume less energy. When the weather gets hot and humid in the summer, run exhaust fans in your kitchen, laundry room and your bathrooms to reduce indoor humidity and help your rooms feel cooler.
  • Home occupancy: There’s no point maintaining an ideal temperature in your home if no one’s there to enjoy it. Consult your heating and cooling professionals and install a smart thermostat to prevent energy waste by turning on the HVAC system only during the times your home is occupied. Not only will you reduce your monthly energy bills, but you’ll also reduce your home’s carbon footprint. It’s a win-win.

Maintaining an ideal house temperature in Oklahoma City, OK isn’t an exact science. As long as your HVAC system is in excellent condition, though, you’ll be able to make adjustments that maximize your everyday comfort as well as the efficiency of your system. Contact Dailey Heating & Air Conditioning to help you stay comfortable at home throughout all seasons of the year.

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