Why Spring Is the Best Time to Buy or Install Your AC

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Don’t assume that replacing your air conditioner is no big deal. The job will take several hours and may require some changes to your property or use of special parts. With that in mind, planning ahead is a smart idea and could help you save time and money.

If you’re considering air conditioner installation in Oklahoma City, OK, get on board early this season. Waiting to the summer months, when the temps soar to sweltering, means you’ll have to get in line with everyone else looking for a new AC unit. Read on to find out why spring is the ideal time to have an air conditioner put in.

Beat the heat

Most people don’t think about needing a new air conditioner until they’re sweating in their own home. For HVAC technicians, this means that the summer months are always busiest. People often figure that they would prefer avoid the cost until they absolutely have to spend it.

This is, of course, faulty logic. Either way you end up spending money, and you might actually save money by planning ahead. During the busy summer months, you’re going to be competing with tons of other homeowners—why not get a jump on the competition by scheduling your installation early?

Find a better deal

Because of this boom-and-bust cycle in demand, HVAC services will always offer better deals during the offseason. By choosing to replace or repair an air conditioner in the spring, you’ll have your choice of technicians, have shorter waiting times and likely find better prices. And you’ll also save money by not having that old, inefficient AC trying to keep up during the hottest days of the summer.

More time to investigate

If you’re looking to get an air conditioner and have it installed as soon as possible, you’re going to be less picky about the company you hire. This could come back to haunt you if the air conditioning system isn’t up to par or is installed incorrectly. By choosing to complete your installation in the spring, you give yourself plenty of time to check prices, do research on the best companies in your area and make an informed decision. Then you can have some leverage in making the best deal possible.

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