Our Top Tips for Controlling Cooling Costs This Summer

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Summer air conditioning can be brutal to your monthly utility bills. Fortunately, there are easy ways to lower your air conditioning costs while maintaining a comfortable home in Oklahoma City, OK. Follow these cost-controlling tips this summer and save money on air conditioning:

  • Purchase a programmable thermostat: A programmable thermostat is one of the best ways to control heating and cooling costs. You can set it to a higher temperature while you are at work, but allow it to activate just in time for you to arrive home to a cooler space. The days of leaving AC blasting all day so you can keep your house cool are over—install a programmable thermostat and notice immediate reductions in your utility bill.
  • Install clean filters: Your HVAC filters keep dust from blocking vents and interfering with airflow. An AC unit with clogged filters must work twice as hard as one with clean filters, and that shows up in your cooling costs. If you change out filters every spring, you will likely experience efficient air conditioning and lower bills.
  • Add ceiling fans: Fans do not cool rooms, but they make them more comfortable by encouraging airflow. A ceiling fan breaks up warm air, so it’s easier for your AC to cool rooms. This process can reduce room temperature by up to seven degrees. Fans also move cooled air throughout your home more efficiently, so your air conditioning does not have to work so hard. You may even find you can raise your thermostat by as much as four degrees without any noticeable loss of comfort.
  • Close curtains: Help your HVAC system out by closing curtains, blinds and shades. If you have blackout curtains, place them in your bedroom and enjoy a cooler and darker spot to sleep. Keeping your home closed up like this will reduce heat gain from your windows by up to 45 percent. You can amplify this further by installing light-colored shades and placing them as close to the windowpanes as possible. That effort will block sun rays and prevent outdoor heat from coming inside.
  • Cook outside: Cooking indoors will heat your house quickly—and ask your air conditioning to activate more often. Take advantage of the warmer temperatures and light up the grill. Even if you only grill twice a week, you will notice reduced costs in your bill. If you live in an apartment or do not own a grill, electric griddles and crockpots demand less energy and do not heat your home.
  • Stay current on maintenance: Regular service and maintenance keep your AC working well. A contractor will clean outdoor coils, check voltage and ensure refrigerant remains at proper levels. Schedule this service in spring to provide reliable and cost-efficient air conditioning all summer!

Dailey Heating & Air Conditioning is an HVAC contractor in Oklahoma City, OK. You will need summer air conditioning before you know it, so now is an excellent time to complete repairs or schedule any needed maintenance. Call us today to set an appointment and take a step toward lower air conditioning costs.

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