The Four Best Ways to Maintain an Even Temperature Throughout Your House

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Uneven temperatures within a house can be a frustrating but common experience. Fortunately, there are simple things you can do to maximize the potential and efficiency of your HVAC system in order to achieve more even temperature distribution. Read on for the best ways to maintain temperature throughout your house.

Properly insulate your home

The biggest culprit behind uneven temperatures throughout a home is poor insulation. Without the right amount and type of insulation, a room becomes much more susceptible to exterior elements, such as hot air in the summer and cold air in the winter. Door and window openings tend to be the most vulnerable to leakage, but don’t forget unfinished spaces like attics and basements as well. Consulting with a professional to remediate improper insulation can lead to huge cost savings in your heating and cooling bills.

Control the amount of sunlight your home receives

Most houses will get more sunshine in certain rooms than in others, which also makes them hot spots that will require air conditioning to work overtime during the hottest months of the year. In fact, a room with plenty of windows can even create a greenhouse effect that’s uncomfortable both to be in and for your energy bills. An easy solution to keep these spaces cool is to invest in quality window treatments such as blinds, draperies or heavy curtains that are effective at blocking sunlight when necessary.

Get your ductwork inspected

Under ideal operating conditions, ductwork should be completely sealed so air only travels where it’s supposed to go. Ductwork in an older HVAC system might have become leaky over the years, or it might be too long to effectively and efficiently deliver treated air throughout your home. The further a room is away from your HVAC unit, the more energy loss and inefficiency there will be. Ductwork can also sustain damage over time due to imbalanced air pressure, dust and mold. To keep your ductwork in the best working condition, schedule regular maintenance checks with a technician.

Reconfigure your zoned heating/cooling system

Single-zoned heating and cooling systems may not provide the flexibility that your home needs, especially in larger houses that have a wide range of temperature variations. Multiple zones offer greater control over your home’s temperature with the ability to target specific areas that get too warm or too cool. While zoned HVAC can have a high initial cost, a well-designed system will operate at a higher efficiency that will translate to greater energy savings in the long run.

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