What Are the Benefits of a Rooftop AC Unit?

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We typically think of rooftop air conditioners as only for commercial use, but that’s not the case—they can be installed for homes of all sizes. This post from the team at Dailey Heating and Air Conditioning will cover a few of the top rooftop air conditioner benefits to help you determine whether this might be a good option for you:

  • Saves space: One of the top reasons homeowners opt for a rooftop AC is to save some space in their yard. Because there won’t be an outdoor condenser hogging up precious yard space, you’ll have more room to plant a garden or to enjoy your backyard on summer days.
  • Runs quieter: Every air conditioner makes some noise when it’s running. Depending on the unit’s condition, these noises can be quite annoying. With a rooftop unit, you’re less likely to be distracted by a noisy unit while it’s on.
  • Easy to maintain: All air conditioners require yearly professional maintenance to run their best. One of the benefits of a rooftop AC unit is that they’re easy for a professional to access and perform maintenance on. Since your contractor will be up on the roof, they’ll stay out of your hair.
  • Protection from damage: You’d be shocked at the number of ground-level AC units that suffer damage from animals or homeowners performing yard work. Because the AC is up on the roof, there’s very little chance of it getting damaged and performing poorly.

Are you ready for a new AC?

Now that you know the rooftop air conditioner benefits, it’s time to consider investing in one. Here are a few signs that it’s time to replace your current unit:

  • Increased energy bills: Your wallet may feel the need for a new AC before you realize it. As units get older, they tend to get less efficient and cost more to operate each month. If your energy bill has been slowly increasing, take the plunge and buy a new AC.
  • Poor cooling capabilities: There’s no point in owning an air conditioner if it produces little to no cold air. If the air is warmer than it used to be or if the system isn’t cooling your whole home, upgrade to a new rooftop AC.
  • Strange noises: We touched on noises above, but if your system makes grinding or screeching sounds while it’s running, it’s time for a new system. These noises are indications that something’s seriously wrong and that the unit needs to be replaced.
  • Aging unit: With yearly maintenance, air conditioners can last up to 15 years before they need to be replaced. If yours is getting up there in years and is suffering from any of the signs above, we advise replacing it right away.

If any of the signs above apply to you, hire the professionals from Dailey Heating and Air Conditioning to install a new one for you. Give us a call today to learn about all of our services or to hear some more about the benefits of installing a rooftop AC unit on your property.

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