Why Is My Air Conditioner Making Noise, and What Does It Mean?

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Air conditioners are better these days than ever before, and today’s models are quieter than the machines of yesteryear. They’re also becoming more affordable (not to mention more necessary, as average temperatures continue to rise year after year) and are now often seen as a standard feature in many newer homes.

But if your modern air conditioner is loud, there might be a deeper problem than just annoying noise. If your air conditioner is making noise, it might mean you need to have it fixed or possibly even replaced.

Here are some common reasons why your air conditioner might be making noise, as well as some possible repairs to fix it.


An air conditioner might naturally have a hum sound to it when it’s operating normally, but something similar that is not normal is a buzzing sound. This can be caused by a host of factors, from simple to serious.

For example, it may be something as simple as a loose part inside the unit vibrating in place or the copper wire extending outside of the unit vibrating on something outside—or it might be debris blocking the inside or outside of the unit. Perhaps the condenser coil simply needs to be cleaned.

But a buzzing sound might be an indicator of a more serious problem. For example, it may mean that the internal fan blades are not balanced correctly or that the blower is imbalanced or nearing the end of its lifespan. It might also be a sign of refrigerant leaking out, which is also indicated by the unit not blowing cold air. In this case, it will need to be refilled with refrigerant, and the leak will need to be found and fixed.


Banging is another common noise you might hear when your air conditioner is not working correctly. This is most often caused by a broken or detached part inside the unit, but it may also be a poorly balanced internal blower. Regardless of the cause, your best bet is to call a repair person to come take a look, especially since it might require a replacement part.


If there is debris caught inside your air conditioner, it might cause a rattling sound. This is important to pay attention to because, if left unchecked, it may lead to a clog in the unit. Rattling noises may also be a sign of loosening parts, which is a more serious and complicated issue to fix. Check for debris and loose bolts or screws first, and, if the problem persists, call a professional to come take a look.

When you need air conditioner service, it’s important to hire a company with experience and all the proper and necessary licensing requirements in place. If your air conditioner is making noise, it’s important to have it checked out as soon as possible. When you need experienced professionals to find out why your air conditioner is making noise, reach out to the team at Dailey Heating & Air Conditioning right away.

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