How Often Does Your Heater Need to Be Inspected?

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Unless you have a fire roaring 24/7, your heater is critical in getting you through the winter. No heat in your home isn’t just uncomfortable—it can also be deadly in some situations.

To ensure your unit warms your home throughout the winter, we recommend hiring a professional to perform an inspection.

This post will cover when to inspect a heater and why you need to do so:

  • Before winter: You may notice a burning smell the first time you turn your heater on for the winter. That’s the smell of burning dust, and it’s the least of your concerns when it comes to heater problems. Failing to schedule a professional inspection in the fall or early winter leads to pilot light issues, sediment accumulation, frayed wiring, clogged flues and more. All of these issues can result in disaster.
  • Before spring: It doesn’t hurt to call your HVAC pro again after winter to perform a postseason checkup. Your technician will ensure everything looks good with the unit and that it didn’t sustain any damage during the season. This is also a great opportunity to have the unit cleaned out, so it’s good to go for the following fall.
  • Ask your HVAC technician: Nobody knows more than your trusted HVAC contractor when it comes to how often to inspect a heater. Depending on your unit’s age and condition, your technician might say it’s fine to only schedule heater maintenance in the fall. Just don’t neglect to schedule AC service in the spring.

Benefits of frequent inspections

Trust us: Inspections aren’t just an excuse for contractors to charge customers extra money for their services. These are a few of the issues that can be avoided with some professional assistance:

  • Prevent breakdowns: There’s nothing worse than a midseason heater breakdown. This leads to an enormous amount of discomfort, and the repair bills can be sky-high. The best way to prevent the need for emergency repairs is a professional inspection.
  • Prolong unit lifespan: When customers ask us how often to inspect a heater, we sometimes ask them how often they’d like to replace their heater. The more frequently you have it inspected and tuned up, the greater the chance that it lasts for years without kicking the bucket.
  • Reduce heating costs: Your heater will be running at peak performance after your inspection and tune-up, and part of that optimal operation means greater energy efficiency. You can save yourself big bucks on your heating bills by scheduling professional service today.
  • Retain your warranty: Most heaters come with some kind of warranty, but be sure to read the fine print because that warranty may be no good if you don’t schedule professional maintenance. Even if your warranty doesn’t mention maintenance, it can’t hurt to hire a pro to perform an inspection.

Hire Dailey Heating and Air Conditioning today

Whether your heater is relatively new or on its last legs, now’s a great time to schedule furnace maintenance. Call today to learn more about when to inspect a heater or to hire our pros.

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