Necessary HVAC Maintenance Tips for Pet Owners

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Pets bring endless joy to our lives—but pet ownership isn’t always so relaxing. Having a pet around the house means quite a few extra duties. Whether you need to take the dog out for a walk or clean up kitty litter, there’s always something to do.

What doesn’t get talked about as much, though, is the extra HVAC maintenance required when you have a pet.

Continue reading to learn more about HVAC maintenance tips for pet owners:

  • Change filters more frequently: Replacing your HVAC air filters is a simple step that only takes a few moments. The filter is responsible for keeping dust and debris out of your system and air, and it can get quite clogged with pet hair and dander. We recommend replacing it every 30 days just to be on the safe side.
  • Increase air filter quality: Air filters are measured by their minimum efficiency reporting value (MERV). The higher the MERV rating, the more efficient the air filter. We recommend upgrading to a filter of at least 10 to catch all of the fine pet dander particles that could be floating through the air.
  • Build a fence around your outdoor AC unit: The outdoor AC condenser is a hardy machine, but pets can take a toll on it. Pets are known to rub up against it, allowing their hair to get trapped inside the unit. Plus, dogs may mark their territory around the condenser. Building a fence is the best way to keep your pets away.
  • Schedule biannual HVAC maintenance: One of our top HVAC maintenance tips for pet owners is to hire a professional each spring and fall. A professional tune-up will ensure your heater or AC is as clean and possible and fully functional. While this is a crucial step for any homeowner, it’s more important for folks with pets that put extra stress on their HVAC system.

Why are these steps important?

We wouldn’t recommend these HVAC tips when owning a pet for no reason! These are the main reasons to take extra care of your HVAC system when you have furry friends:

  • Prolong HVAC lifespan: Keeping all of these things in mind (particularly professional maintenance) can extend your system’s lifespan and reduce the chance of a breakdown. So just a few simple steps can keep a lot of money in your wallet while ensuring you’re never uncomfortable in your home.
  • Reduce household allergens: All of the pet hair and dander we touched on earlier can wreak havoc on a guest’s allergies. While vacuuming the carpets can do wonders to lessen the amount of hair and dander inside, all the cleaning in the world won’t help if you don’t replace and update your filters. Talk to an HVAC contractor to see what filters are right for your system.

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