Tips for Making Your Furnace Work More Efficiently

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Furnace efficiency will both help the furnace last longer and save you money on your energy bills. Your furnace is just like your car or your refrigerator—the years will take their toll, and eventually you’ll need a new one.

By following these furnace tips for efficiency, you can make sure that you get the most out of your system. If you want to make your furnace efficient, then read on.

Replace the filter

This is just like changing the oil on your car. By doing this regularly, you’ll ensure that the system will keep running. The filter is designed to catch dirt, dust and debris so that it isn’t circulated through the interior of your home.

The filter catches all of this, so it needs to be periodically replaced. If not, the furnace will be forced to work harder to do its job. Exactly how often the filter needs to be replaced is dependent on a number of factors. For example, if you have pets that shed frequently, your filter will need more attention. Check the filter at least once a month. Clean it and then inspect it to see if it needs to be changed.

Clean the area around the furnace

Your furnace is probably in your basement. That means it’s out of sight and, unfortunately, out of mind, but it’s important to keep the area around the furnace free and clear. Don’t store anything within 3 feet of the furnace. This is also a safety issue: You don’t want anything to catch fire that’s near a gas-burning furnace. Keeping the area clear will mean the furnace runs better, as air is allowed to circulate freely.

Install a programmable thermostat

Using a programmable thermostat is a simple move to save money on your gas bills. You can make sure that the thermostat is correctly set for when you’re sleeping at night and when you’re out of the house. You won’t be taking advantage of warmer temperatures in the home if you’re not there, so it makes sense to have a thermostat that will automatically lower the temperature. No need to fret about whether or not you forgot to change the thermostat after you’ve left for vacation.

Keep the registers clear

For a furnace to work at its best, the key is air circulation. Check all the registers in the home. Make sure none of them are blocked by furniture or have an excess of dust trapped in the covers. You may want to avoid decorative registers, which can restrict airflow.

Invest in regular maintenance

Having your furnace inspected regularly by a professional is a smart idea. You want to have tune-ups at least once a year to ensure that the system is running at peak efficiency. Even a single faulty part can cause an unexpected breakdown.

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