5 Tips to Keep Your House Cool This Summer

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Summer is a thrilling season full of beach trips, BBQs, and dips in the pool. However, the consequent soaring temperatures make many people uncomfortable.

Keeping our houses cool is an ideal way of addressing these heat issues, and you can achieve this through some simple ways. The following are some tips to keep your house cool in the summer. 

Block the sun rays out

It might appear obvious, but most people love to let the sunlight stream via the window. Nonetheless, if you are considering keeping your home cool during summer, you need to overcome the temptation and have your blinds and curtains open during the day. Moreover, it is vital to consider the direction your windows face when preventing the sun from streaming through curtains and blinds.

Rooms with windows facing south can be excruciatingly hot during summer. If closing the blinds and curtains fails to do the trick, invest in an indoor window shade. 

Open windows and garden/balcony doors during the morning and at night

It is best to open windows and doors in the morning when you wake up and late afternoon. The rationale is to maintain the circulation of air in your home since still air is warmer than moving air. To achieve this, ensure you keep the windows open at opposite ends of the house with the doors open in between.

In case mosquitos and flies become an issue, buy a net to cover windows or door frames.

The most significant time to have your windows open is at night as it is then that the air is coolest.

Make your meals outside if possible and avoid using the oven

Switch to BBQ eating – you wouldn’t wish to be trapped in a kitchen with the oven on, more so when it feels like you are already in an oven.

Additionally using the oven produces more heat in your house during summer. Eating outside is also an ideal option but if it is not achievable, consider cooking meals that do not need the oven.

Switch off appliances that are not in use

Just like ovens, other appliances in the house will produce unnecessary heat during summer. Thus, you should consider turning off things such as your desktop computer, television set and kitchen appliances. This prevents them from overheating and giving off heat that warms the house.

Invest in houseplants

Apart from boosting your temperament, houseplants assist in keeping your home cool. Plants are natural air conditioners. They generate moisture in the atmosphere through transpiration.

Rubber plants and peace lilies are some of the most heat-efficient plants as they work well in humid environments. Thus, having adequately weltered houseplants can naturally cool your house during summer. 

Use a fan 

Consider using a fan to cool down your house during summer. You should put a container with ice in front of it when it is working. This circulates cooler air in the house and functions as an AC. Moreover, positioning the fan appropriately for optimum cooling is vital. 

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