Thermostats 101: Different Types Of Thermostats

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A thermostat is a device integral to regulating the temperature of a space by controlling heat flow. The advantages of using a thermostat include maintaining a comfortable environment, conserving energy, and prolonging the lifespan of HVAC equipment. There are a variety of thermostats available in the market, each with unique features. The most common types of thermostats are mechanical, electronic, programmable, wi-fi thermostats, line-voltage thermostats, and smart thermostats.

Mechanical Thermostat

The most common type of thermostat is the mechanical thermostat. This type of thermostat uses a bimetallic strip to control the flow of electricity to the heating or cooling system. The bimetallic strip metal expands and contracts with temperature changes. As the temperature increases, the strip bends and breaks the circuit, causing the heating or cooling system to turn off. The strip straightens and completes the circuit as the temperature decreases, allowing the system to turn on.

Electronic Thermostat

Secondly is the electronic thermostat, which measures temperature with the help of an electronic sensor. The sensor is usually a thermistor, a type of resistor that changes resistance with temperature changes. The electronic thermostat controls the flow of electricity to the heating or cooling system in the same way as the mechanical thermostat. Still, it is more accurate and has more features.

Programmable Thermostat

A programmable thermostat makes it easier for users to control the temperature of their space by allowing them to set a schedule. This type of thermostat typically has a display that shows the current temperature and buttons or dials that can be used to set the desired temperature. Many programmable thermostats also have features that allow users to control the heating and cooling system remotely.

Smart Thermostats

Smart thermostats are the most advanced type of thermostat on the market. This type of thermostat uses sensors and algorithms to learn users’ preferences and automatically adjust the temperature to meet their needs. Smart thermostats have helpful features, including the ability to control the temperature from a remote location, which can save energy, and providing users with data about their energy usage.

Wi-Fi Thermostats

The connectivity of wi-fi thermostats allows users to control the temperature of their space from anywhere in the world. It features an app that can be used to set the temperature and receive alerts if the temperature changes. The thermostat is ideal for people away from home for long periods or with a vacation rental property.

Line-Voltage Thermostat

The line-voltage thermostat is convenient for large spaces because it doesn’t require a separate power source. It uses the electricity already being supplied to the space to power the heating or cooling system. The line-voltage thermostat is also more accurate than other thermostats because it measures the temperature directly at the point where the heat is being generated.


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