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At Dailey Heating & Air Conditioning we have been assisting residents of Oklahoma City, OK, and surrounding areas with their heating and cooling needs since 1994. A common question from homeowners is does my furnace need service? The answer is yes, and you should have your furnace inspected yearly ideally before it gets cold. There are many benefits to having regular furnace inspections, and these are as follows.

Reasons To Have Your Furnace Inspected Regularly

  • Continued Comfort: One of the reasons homeowners look up emergency furnace maintenance near me is due to a sudden breakdown or performance issue. Without regular maintenance, your furnace can break down when you need it most such as during the winter in the middle of the night. With regular inspections, you keep your furnace in top working condition and catch any repair needs before they become critical.
  • It Can Save You Money: With regular inspections, you become aware of regular upkeep and repair requirements and can have them addressed promptly and effectively. Regular preventative maintenance can help prevent more expensive repairs in the future. Without regular upkeep minor issues that you may not be aware of can become worse leading to a full furnace failure and much more involved repair.
  • It Keeps Your Home Safer: Some furnace issues can be dangerous if left unaddressed. With regular inspections, a professional can detect any critical repair needs before they become dangerous. While fire or electrical issues may be the first problem you think of, dangers such as a carbon monoxide leak can be far more hazardous to you and your family.
  • Helps Your Furnace Last Longer: A furnace is a sizable investment and a key part of your home’s heating and cooling system. You want to ensure it provides you with many years of top performance. Regular maintenance can increase the lifespan of your furnace and its performance over the years. So when the time comes to finally replace your existing furnace, you’ll know you received many years of predictable performance and got your money’s worth.

What an Inspection Looks Like

A regular furnace inspection will involve a standard checklist of cleaning and maintenance needs. These can include checking the system’s performance, inspecting the connections and performing voltage checks, lubricating moving parts, checking the vents, testing for gas leaks, checking filters, checking the drains for any blockages, and other common service items. If you have not been getting your furnace regularly inspected you should schedule service with an experienced professional as soon as possible.

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