Is a Water Softener Worth It?

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You are not alone if you think hard water is just something you are doomed to deal with. Many homeowners continue to deal with hard water issues such as stains, appliance problems, and soap films because they don’t think it’s worth investing in water-softening treatments. Budgets are obviously an important factor when it comes to how you manage water at home. You, like other homeowners, may be wondering are water softeners worth the cost. This quick guide will provide information on water softener investment and how it can benefit you. Keep reading to learn more.

Is A Water Softener a Good Investment?

To understand if this could be a good investment for you, we need to look at the effects of hard water first. Usually, the first thing families want to know is if the hard water is unhealthy or unsafe. While hard water will not negatively affect your health, there are many other ways it can affect your life and your budget.

One of the most costly ways hard water can affect your home is by clogging pipes. This can reduce the water flow through pipes and, in some cases, even cause you to use more water over time. This can add up to higher water bills and less efficiency. This can also have a huge effect on the efficiency of your hot water heater over time as well.

When hard water causes build-up inside a hot water heater, it will start to decrease the efficiency at which the heater works. Over time, this will cause greater wear and tear on the hot water heater, and result in repairs or replacement.

This also causes the appliance to use more energy as it struggles to work efficiently. All of these will eventually cost you more money. The same is true for other appliances that use water. Your washing machine and dishwasher can also work less efficiently when dealing with hard water.

Another issue people deal with when using hard water is a slimy feeling on their skin following a bath or shower. This can cut down on your quality of life, and in some cases, it can even create skin problems.

Does a Water Softener Require a Lot of Energy?

Homeowners often wonder if installing a water softener will use the same amount of energy as their inefficient appliances. The fact is that water softeners actually do not use up much energy. You will use the same energy to run a water softener as you would to keep an alarm clock plugged in for one year. Newer water softeners only run and use energy when they are in operation. For most families, the water softener will only run about five times a month.

Is the Cost of a Water Softener Worth It?

Over time, a water softener can definitely save you money. It can increase your appliances’ lifespan, protect your pipes from build-up, and ensure that appliances are running efficiently.

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