May 31, 2016

Very courteous and professional

"They replaced the furnace and coil and the run capacitor on the outside unit. The outside unit is only seven years old and Keith recommended not replacing it, as it should have at least three years of life left. He put in a coil that is compatible with the newest freon (R410 I think??), but converted it back to the old freon (R22??) so that it would work with the outside unit without replacing it. He said It cost about $250 more to convert it to the old freon type and reconvert it back when the outside unit is replaced. But it's well worth it to get three or more years out of the outside unit. Keith has done work for me several times in the past, and, as with this time, I have always thought he was very honest about what was needed, and was very courteous and professional. The primary reason I gave him a B on price is that I did not check prices with anyone else. I believe it's probably possible to find a little cheaper price, but it's also possible to get gouged by someone else"
May 31, 2016

I definitely recommend this company

"Restored A/C to operation. The service provider replaced the contactor, the booster capacitor, checked pressure, charged coolant and thoroughly cleaned the outdoor unit. I called four different providers and was unable to get a same day service call until I called Dailey. The service provider arrived within the hour and set to work immediately. He explained everything he was doing and gave the me prices for each faulty item he found. He also showed me each component he removed and explained why it was no good. After he installed the new parts and verified operation of the unit he also used a hose to clean all built up dirt off the fins of the unit. The entire process took less than an hour from start to finish. I definitely recommend this company."